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Welcome to Santiagua

¡Welcome to Santiagua!

In all that encompasses The Camino de Santiago. Dreams, pilgramage, penitence or simply walking, tourists or travellers.  Everyone is looking for the magic of this route. Discover the magic of this Legend!

Now we would like to offer another way of doing this route in order to enhance, if possible, the legend of The Camino.

We are speaking about a pioneering effort in which a new route will be opened: the submarine route of the ancestral camino, ¨The Camino de Santiagua¨. This is the  chance to value the attitudes and motivations of the people who walk The Camino, where emotions run high, but without forgetting the spirit of adventure of those who enjoy diving on the Cantabrian coast.

We will do our best through a shared experience to show   the Cantabrian coast, the marine depths, our culture and our people.

The Camino de Santiagua strives to offer adventure, entertainment and emotion in an original and innovative way.

Are you on board?

Camino de santiagua